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 The B26 Marauder

"The B-25 flew 30 Seconds over Tokyo and became immortal. The B-26 Marauder flew 30 months in all Theatres of Operation and is largely forgotton.."

Squadron13 The B26 Archive.
B-26 Marauder Archive B26 Marauder on a single engine.
The Flying Prostitute Mauraders perhaps undeserved reputation.
Virtual Museum Facinating virtual museum.
B26 History The history of B26 development.
The Marauder Men "Of the 5266 Marauders constructed by the Glenn L. Martin Company during WWII, only three (3) remain intact in the world today.."
On A Wing "Coming in on a wing and a prayer.."
 The Fokker Triplane

"Unstable in all axes, it required constant control input and skill to avoid hideous consequences. Though terrifying to an inexperienced pilot, this very trait made it sing in the hands of the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, who fashioned the airplane's legend .."

Pilots Report Flying the Fokker.
Baron Von Richthofen "Success flourishes only in perseverance -- ceaseless, restless perseverance.."
Peanut Scale Model "What a relief to make it through the trimming stages before destroying it.."
 The A10 "Warthog"

"Designed in the late 1970's by Fairchild Republic as the Thunderbolt II, the A-10 is basically a gigantic Gatling gun.."

A10 A10 site.
Viewzone "ViewZone is a not for profit on-line magazine with a large audience.."
Patches Large selection of A10 patches.
Los Angeles Zoo Isn't he handsome.