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 Grimm Essentials

We have no use for ordinary products, and we know you don't either. So here we present for our readers delight a selection of Grimm Essentials that have served the Brother's well over the years.


Coleman Stove (Petrol) - Never worry about the gas cannister running out again. Amazing heat output warms your tent (Careful!) and boils the kettle very quickly.

Khyam Tent - Erect in 90 seconds, solid and waterproof. Be in the beer tent while your mates are still struggling with their A frames.

Maglite Torch AA size - "It's never dark in America" - While your mates are bashing their torches trying to switch them on yours will always work.

Leatherman Wave Tool - Fantastic Tool that will get you out of trouble, so strong you will never break it.

Zippo Lighter - You can always find petrol (Grimm tip - keep a spare flint in with the fuel). Will light in very strong winds and if you do ever break it Zippo will fix it for free.

Index Individual Tube Lilo - Essential camping comfort. But unfortunately no longer available. An excellent alternative is the Millets backpackers inflatable bed, individual tubes and very compact. More expensive but designed for backpackers so clearly superior.

Flat Pack Bottle - Nicolas was intending to purchase a bottle of Fanta for the GPO (80p) and refill it. Until he spied this essential item of 21st Century Rehydration Technology (£4.50). Holds a litre, Compact, Light weight, Freeze it, Boil it, Fold it, Even drink out of it. Unfortunately mislaid in a Goan Market.

Garmin E trex Vista - Never doubt which way to stagger - Just set your Khyam Tent as a way
point then easily navigate back to total rally comfort.


Levis - Denim Shirts (Not Denim jackets.. please) and Black 501 Jeans.

Berghaus - GoreTex boots - I have stood in water up to my ankles and not a drop got in. Enough said.

Loake - Leather Shoes.

Berghaus - Jackets.


Bahco Adjustable Spanner - Purchased by Nicolas in the early 90's when he was unable to fix a cistern, due to the limitations of an early adjustable spanner. Subsequently loaned to Simon. Such was the quality of this spanner that it quickly became an integral part of his toolkit... Now known as The Family Spanner.

Potasol gas soldering iron - Never bother with a poxy 25w when this baby's around !!! Heats up in seconds, will solder almost anything and the size of a pen !! It has served brother Simon well over the years.


GSM Mobile Phone with built in Modem and vibrate (Obviously).

Palm or Psion PDA - Gentlemen choose your weapons.

Linux Format Magazine - Great monthly Linux Magazine and supporter of the UK Linux User Groups. Linux Format - Subscription Offer.


Heated Handle Bar Grips - Fingers getting cold riding back from the pub ? Throw a switch.

Dainese - GoreTex riding gear - Arrive dry what ever the weather has to throw at you, your mates will be wringing their leathers out for days or watch them hop foot to foot as they fight to get in and then sweat like hell if the sun comes out !

Arai Helmet - Great helmet that, as one Brother Grimm can testify passed the only test that counts.

Synthetic Oil.

MZ Motorcycle - "The MZ is pure anti-fashion and all the cooler for it" - Bike Magazine - The 100 Greatest Bikes ever.

 Other Items...

RidgeBack Genesis - "A Genesis road bike offers the rare combination of practicality and true performance" - So there you have it.

Navy Seal Watch - MIL Spec # W-46374F - Any questions gentlemen ?