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 Owners Homepages
MuZ Saxon Tour An owner's account of owning and running an MuZ 251. A great site with lots of hints and tips.
Hendrik Merkel Touring Serious touring and a very interesting modifications page.
 Reviews / Information
MZ Motorcycles Technical Great technical and historical information.
MZ Riders Reports Riders reports on a range of MZ's.
Mastiff Review "The bike I really wanted was the Mastiff. I took me a while to get around to it, I couldn't think of any practical reason to own one, and couldn't really afford one either.."
Kanuni Factory "Kanuni From Turkey To The World" - Quite..
Used MotorCycles Online Riders reports and interesting hints for MZ owners.
WorkShop Documentation Workshop documentation some in German. Useful.
MCN - MZ Racing Article

"Budget MZ racing for beginners…and what better place to begin your racing career than the MZ trophy? OK, the paddock’s a field and there’s not a brolly dolly in sight, but the beauty is that anyone can do it and this man did.."

MZ Sidecar Racing Sidecar racing.
MZ Racing The home of MZ racing - Not for the faint hearted !!
 Days Out !
Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum

"The museum houses the finest collection of fully restored motorcycles in Europe, including factory racers and exotic prototypes.."

National Motorcycle Museum "The National Motorcycle Museum provides a truly unique venue for your conference, seminar, banquet or function. Breathtaking displays of literally hundreds of fully restored British motorcycles are on hand to provide an extra attraction to your delegates.."
Stanford Hall Motorcycle Museum "There are approximately 64 motorcycles on display, the oldest being a 1914 Harley Davidson and Sidecar. Rare and unique experimental models are also exhibited. Of particular interest is Henry Laird's Morgan, three wheeler trials car.."
MZ-B Many parts for MZ and other German Two Strokes.
Venhill Engineering "The humble cable is just about the most important part on any machine and over the years Venhill have turned cable manufacture into a near art form.."
OS Stainless Great range of Stainless Steel exhuast's etc for MZ's and many others.
MZ Tech Great series of technical notes on tuning and maintaining your MZ.
Pipes ! Getting the best from exhaust pipes.
125 Race Tuning List of Links For Two-Stroke Tuning; More Power Igor !
Rtzpower Simpson and MZ tuning parts. (German Language Site).
Basic Two-Stroke Tuning Introduction to Two-Stroke Tuning.
Cossack Owners Club "This site is intended to help owners of Russian, Ukrainian and other Soviet motorcycles find a UK motorcycle club that can give them support."
Meerkats MCC "Meerkats MCC is a small family oriented club based around a group of friends who have been riding together for a number of years.."
MZ Riders Club Home of the Official MZ Riders Club. So don't delay join today.
Motor Cycle Federation Britain's largest rider group. No matter what you ride, our aim is to protect and promote the road-riders' interests and help you get the best from your biking.
Motorcycle Action Group Formed in 1973 to campaign for voluntary crash helmet use. Since that time MAG has broadened the scope of its activities, making MAG the leading body campaigning on behalf of motorcyclists in the UK.
MZ Riders Club - Scotland Great site of the MZ Riders Club (MZRC) South of Scotland Section.
Federation Of European Motorcyclists Associations The FEMA is the only Brussels-based organisation working full-time to ensure that the interests of Europe's road-riding motorcyclists are promoted and protected.
 Other Interesting Motorcycle Sites
Preparing Your Bike For Storage Very good article on preparing bikes for winter or long term storage. Perhaps of less interest to MZ riders as they ride all winter long anyway.
Ukranian Dnieper Outfit Thanks a lot to Chris and Bill (The Brothers Grim!!) for information about this very rare piece of Ukranian hardware.
Ural Sidecars "The basic armament of the motorcycle is the machine gun of PK type (7.62-mm caliber). The open structure of the motorcycle provides for circular targeting and destroying the enemy force effectively at a distance from 100 to 2000 meters.."
The Rat Bike Zone "This argument has been going on nearly as long as the What's a Biker ? one. Well, to add my 0.02 worth, a Rat Bike is a motorcycle which is ridden instead of cleaned, maintained at the lowest possible cost with whichever parts are at hand, and which is usually painted matt black.."
Motorcycle Museum Online
Aims to collect, archive, and display to the public information regarding the rich history of the production of motorised 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles.