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 Introducing The Red Fokker.. (09/08/01 - 11/08/01)

11/08/2001 - "Rain"

Rains all morning. Just before lunch I wander out into the damp clean air (Of the back garden) the rain has just stopped. I look at the carb then note an air bubble in the fuel pipe, that might explain the poor running. But where is the air coming from. The RF quietly drips from under the engine... Merco's finest petroleum distilate.. (I knew there was a reason why we were so careful to fill it up on the way home). The fuel pipe (Ideal for a fish tank) carb end is very loose and leaking madly.. Oh and on the subject of tanks it was just about empty ! Crouched down and then noticed the smell..

10/08/2001 - "Kanui"

Ok Ok but it is an MZ really. Simon and I drive out and I become the proud owner of another MZ. Simon rides it back filling up on the way, (Splendid Thanks again Simon). I drive back wondering when my rattling alternator will expire. Simon reported that it would not pull and spluttered above 60mph.

09/08/2001 - "Grimm Logic ?"

The BM's MOT runs out very soon so there was really going to be no avoiding getting another front wheel (Broken spoke ) Burwins had one for £40 (cheaper I suspect than a wheel rebuild). Simon was hoping to obtain a broken 301 but that was a little way off still. So when I saw the advert for an M reg 251 I thought why not put the £40 towards another bike ! Then I could wait for the 301 or whatever else came along to get another wheel.