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 Technical Notes


The photographs were taken with a Rollei 35S and Kodak Royal print film. This 100 ASA film provides excellent quality but proved to be a little slow yielding 250th at F8 / F11. 200 ASA would have ensured some more depth of field to cover candids, my sloppy manual focusing and evening shots ! The negatives were scanned on to Photo CD by Boots, certainly easier than struggling with a scanner.

I also took my trusty Pentax ME (28mm, 40mm and 135mm lenses). The slides are harder for me to scan properly, but will be added soon !

Hopefully we will have a digital camera for our next tour, which will make the whole process easier.


The diary was written using a rather battered Psion 5MX. It has only been very lightly edited so it retains the written in Goa feel !

Web Tools

The site was developed using Dreamweaver, Fireworks and the very handy Irfan for rotating and resizing images.


Live Site..

Hosted on our Linux Cobalt RaQ 3 server as www.ourholiday.info - (no longer active - now hosted on www.jetblackjelly.com)

Development Site..

Hosted on a home build Pentium 200 (Barracuda) as barracuda.jetblackjelly.com - (no longer active - now hosted on www.jetblackjelly.com)

Running RedHat RH 7.2 and Apache. Connected to the Internet via a Firewall (Classified !) and a cablemodem. Dynamic DNS client software runs on the Firewall to give the Firewall's dynamic IP address a DNS name (jetblackjelly.dhis.org).

For neatness I set up a DNS alias record on our Linux
Cobalt RaQ 3 server pointing barracuda.jetblackjelly.com to jetblackjelly.dhis.org

The live site has now moved to www.ourholiday.info. But I was keen to try some local hosting first. - (no longer active - now hosted on www.jetblackjelly.com)

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