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Hermitage Road

Hermitage Road was cut in 1874 to allow better access to the railway station. As you walk along it's length from the junction with Bancroft, the steep, green slope of Windmill Hill facing you is quite striking.

An alleyway provides a shortcut through to the market, the River Hiz and the certainly the centrepiece of the town - St. Mary's Church. In the alleyway, the river is more of a small stream as it gurgles it's way beneath the road and modern shop buildings. Soon though, upstream, as you leave the alleyway and cross Portmill Lane, the river is much wider and deeper. This is home to a host of ducks who benefit from a constant diet of bread donated by visitors. The church grounds border the river in a truly idyllic setting.
You can take the shortcut to St. Mary's Church. at this point or carry on along Hermitage Road and Windmill Hill....

Windmill Hill, at the end of the road affords an excellent view of Hitchin from the top.

The hill is (predictably enough) named after the windmill which was sited here until it burned down in 1875.

The Hermitage Ballroom offers loud night-time music, dancing and entertainment for those who seek it!
Two other features of the road which are worthy of mention are Parc Computers & the Khana Stan. The former sells computer equipment & might give us some money off if we plug them hard enough; the latter is perhaps the best curry house for miles.

From here, you can go to Bancroft or Queen Street.

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