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Payne's Park

Payne's Park is the area of land to the North of the High Street.

It is the site of the Hitchin Library & Museum. These are housed within a 19th century building that was once "Agadir" - the house of Jonas Kershaw, publican of the Swan (in the market place). Agadir was given to the town by the Moss family.

The Museum displays features of industry and domestic life in Hitchin through the ages, along with a special display of materials relating to the Hertfordshire Yeomanry. It also contains a reconstruction of the interior of Perks & Llewellyn's chemists shop, that once stood in the High Street.
The area now comprising the Arcade & adjoining Car Park used to be the yard of the Swan. Livestock sales began here around 1850 and continued well into this century. Today you can enjoy a variety of shops inside the old arcade and outside along a sheltered parade. Here you will find Oh La Di D'Art which sells all manner of wonderful new age things, statues, incense, jewellery, candles etc.. and the Tea & Coffee shop who are purveyors of a superb range of both beverages. You can stop here for a while and enjoy a cup or buy some to take home.

From here, you can go to the High Street or Brand Street.

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